Arthur Heeley Piano Tuning

01939 262439

Arthur is available for piano tuning in Shropshire within a 30-mile radius of his home in Montford Bridge, and can tune your piano to the highest professional standard, completely by ear the old-fashioned way,  for a modest £50.

Satisfied customers include Schools, Piano Teachers, Professional Musicians, Churches, Music Directors, Piano Bar managers, and discerning piano-owners.

Piano Tuning –  Available times 2020  – in Green

  • Monday           6th July @ 1pm
  • Tuesday           7th July @ 1pm
  • Wednesday           8th July @ 1pm
  • Thursday           9th July @ 1pm
  • Friday           10th July @ 1pm
  • Saturday           11th July @ 1pm
  • Sunday           12th July @ 1pm
  • Monday           13th July @ 1pm
  • Tuesday           14th July @ 1pm
  • Wednesday           15th July @ 1pm
  • Thursday           16th July @ 1pm
  • Friday           17th July @ 1pm
  • Saturday           18th July @ 1pm
  • Sunday           19th July @ 1pm
  • Monday           20th July @ 1pm
  • Tuesday           21st July @ 1pm
  • Wednesday           22nd July @ 1pm
  • Thursday           23rd July @ 1pm
  • Friday           24th July @ 1pm
  • Saturday           25th July @ 1pm
  • Sunday           26th July @ 1pm
  • Monday           27th July @ 1pm


The best way to make an appointment is to fill in the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.


At the age of 18, Arthur Heeley went off to train at Newark College’s School of Instrumental Repair for three years, where he completed the Advanced Piano Tuning, Repair and Maintenance course in June 2014. 

Now 27, Arthur has eight years of experience behind him and has tuned hundreds of pianos. 

Recent feedback – (Arthur is always pleased to receive feedback) – 

05/06/20 “Arthur thank you so much for your work on our piano this afternoon – we are really happy with it”

29/06/2019 “Thank you so much for your hard work today. …. I have enjoyed playing what sounds like a new piano! Thanks again and best wishes”

17/10/2018  “My dear Arthur, A brief note to say how much I appreciate your fine work, you are a master craftsman and no mistake….. I  immediately tried one of my favourite pieces  “AS TIME GOES BY ” from the 1931 film Casablanca and I was delighted. Many thanks, …”

18/01/2018 “…  just a quick email to say thank you for tuning my Schimmel last week. It was very convenient to be able to book using your website and an email. I appreciated your prompt arrival and I’m really pleased with your thorough work – the upper registers do indeed sound much better now. I will be sure to contact you again for future tunings.”

27/11/17 “Arthur tuned our Yamaha Piano this afternoon to a first class standard. Very pleased with the sound he achieved. Will book him again and have no hesitation in recommending him to others”

11/05/17 “My dear Arthur, I am so pleased with your fine work.”

14/02/17 “Arthur did a great job tuning our old piano and now it sounds great. I could recommend Arthur to anyone in needing a piano tuner without reservation.”

29/01/17 “Just to say thank you very much for the great job Arthur did tuning our very old piano! It sounds better than it has ever sounded since it has been in my care!”


Fees :

Piano Tuning £50 –  for any piano – Upright or Grand

Untunable Piano (where the piano is so poor it cannot hold a pitch) – £20

Payment : cash or cheque on the day

Arthur can come to tune your piano in this area…


Shrewsbury, Telford, Market Drayton, Wem, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Church Stretton, Newport, Much Wenlock

Old Piano?   Pianos made before about 1950 can be good to look at, but very difficult to tune and impossible to keep in tune. Often they will go out of tune during the tuning process, or the next day, or within a few days. Pianos built before 1950 might be “Untunable”.

If your piano is Untunable then Arthur will charge a £20 fee to cover his expenses.

Old pianos which go out of tune within a few days or weeks are a problem to all piano tuners. Such pianos are tuned to the highest level possible at the time of tuning but cannot be guaranteed to hold their pitch and will need re-tuning every few months.

Piano not been tuned for more than 2 years?   Pianos should be tuned every 6 months to maintain them in optimum health. Also, when regularly used, a piano which is out of tune will spoil the player’s sense of pitch. If your piano has not been tuned for more than 2 years then it will need two tunings, a few weeks apart, to bring it up to pitch.

Why always at 1pm? Because that’s when Arthur’s dad is available to drive him there. If  this is not a suitable time for you, please email, alternative times can be arranged.

Tuning Fee – £50 
Untunable piano fee – £20

To make an appointment please fill in the Contact Form –

Arthur lives at..

Adcote Lodge, Nibs Heath, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, SY4 1HL.

With his parents –

01939 262439 

or send him an email